Introduction to the Internet

  1. History of the Internet
  2. Networks & the Internet
  3. TCP/IP Protocol
  4. Internet Addresses
  5. Connecting to the Internet
  6. Internet Services (protocols)
  7. Introduction to the Internet ...


History of the Internet
Patrick J. Kidd

History of the Internet ...


1983 1986 Today
Networks & the Internet
Patrick J. Kidd


WAN Backbone
  • A high-speed link to connect LANs and WANs.
  • Routers
  • Special-purpose computers that provide links between networks.
  • The Internet
    TCP/IP Protocol
    Patrick J. Kidd


    TCP = Transmission Control Protocol IP = Internet Protocol  (Internetworking Protocol)
    Internet Addresses
    Patrick J. Kidd

    DNS = Domain Name System
    Name Address

    FQDN = Fully-qualified domain name = userid@domain


    a.     Host     = computer name                                most specific

    b.     Cluster = group name (optional)                     less specific

    c.     Organization name                                          less specific

    d.     Type of organization                                       general

    e.     Country code = geographic location                most general
                                                                                   (Top level)


    IP Address

    = Number address     = Dot address     = Numeric version of address

    Every time you use a domain address, your systemís DNS (Domain Name Server) has to turn it into a number.

     Connecting to the Internet
    Patrick J. Kidd