File Transfer Protocol
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FTP  (File Transfer Protocol)

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  • Linux servers. 
    • The username and password are case sensitive.
    • (A999999 is not the same as a999999 if the account is on a Linux/Unix server.)
  • To change your password you may need to use Telnet
    • Note that Windows2000 has reverted to a text-based interface for Telnet.
    • run > telnet
    • open
    • ? or help
    • passwd                (Choosing your password)
    • exit
  • If you want to use index.html, you must automatically redirect your visitor from index.html to index.htm  You may copy this code (index.html) and upload (FTP) your new index.htm and this index.html to your account.

    Automatic Redirection / Forwarding
               <title>Redirection by PJK</title>
               <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0;
               URL=index.htm" >
    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
  • You may use your /cgi-bin directory for any CGI scripts you find or create.
    • Don't forget to change the rights to any files you put in /cgi-bin.  (chmod)
    • Don't forget to use ASCII mode when uploading CGI scripts.
  • You may not use server-side includes (SSI).