Marketing Concepts

  1. Use an editor (MS-Word) to create a document for your definitions of the following terms (see below).
  2. Open the Cover Page / Title Page document. 
    1. Fill out all the fields and select the items from the pull-down menus.
    2. Unprotect the file and copy the contents of the Cover Page to the first page your new document (Basic_Marketing_Concepts.docx).
    3. This Cover Page will be the first page in your Word document.  (Basic_Marketing_Concepts.docx)
  3. Do your research and define all the terms (see below).
    You do not have to re-write the information in your own words.
    However, please show your sources (book, article, URL, etc.) of your information.

    For this exercise, as long as you show your sources, you may make direct quotes.

  4. Upload your Word document (Basic_Marketing_Concepts.docx).   (softcopy only)

Marketing Concept 

  1. Marketing
  2. Marketing mix
  3. Marketing concept
  4. needs/wants/demands
  5. exchange
  6. value
  7. customer perceived value
  8. CRM
  9. value chain
  10. competitive advantage
  11. differentiation
  12. positioning
  13. market segmentation
  14. target market
  15. local/domestic/international/global (markets, marketing, environments, organizations, etc.)

You may use any source.
You do not need to rewrite the definitions that you find.
Please include a reference to the source of your information.

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