What do I do if someone has sent me a large attachment?

                  Sometimes someone will send you an attachment that is over 1 megabyte causing
                  your e-mail to be blocked by the big file. Similar to a traffic jam, your inability to
                  download the large file will prevent any other messages from getting through.

                  You can use a program called Telnet to login to your e-mail account and delete the
                  offending file.

                  Windows 95:

                       Click on the Start Button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen,
                       then click on the Run option in the Start menu.
                       In the Run window, type telnet pop.total.net 110 in the Open field (replace
                       pop.total.net with the name of your e-mail server if your account is not on
                       then click on the Ok button.
                       This will open up a white telnet window giving you command line access to the
                       mail server.
                       In the telnet window, type user username but replace username with your login
                       name (you might not see what you type) and press the Enter key.
                       Then type pass password but replace password with your e-mail or login
                       password and then press the Enter key.
                       Then type list and then press the Enter key.
                       This will display a list of all the messages waiting for you on the server and the
                       size of each message in bytes.
                       If the message is larger than 500000 bytes, you can safely assume that it is an
                       attachment and can be deleted safely.
                       To delete a file, type dele # but replace # with the number of the message and
                       then press the Enter key.
                       Type quit and then press the Enter key to exit the telnet window.
                       Now try getting your mail again with you usual e-mail program.

                  Windows 3.1:

                       Unfortunately, Windows 3.1 does not have a built-in telnet program however,
                       you can download a third party telnet application to do the same as above.
                       Visit the following site to find a Windows 3.1 telnet application: